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Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship! image

Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship!

Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship! Beauty is only seen by the beholder! True.
Let us try to interpret the words love, romance, and relationship from some Sanskrit and Tamil poetic scenes.
The first is from an early Tamil literature anthology known as Kurunthokai.
When the hero first saw the heroine, he fell in love with her. It was love at first sight. She was feeling the same way.
“Oh!” says the hero to the heroine. What are my mother and father to yours? How did you and I ever meet? The hearts filled with love mingled together like raindrops mingling with red sand on the earth, becoming one and unable to be separated.
Nobody notices when the water and sand mix

can separate the red or sand from the water.”

Like this, two hearts mingled and merged to form one. There could also be two of us, but each has only one breadth.
They can’t stand being apart. Such is the nature of true love.
A bonus scene from a Sanskrit poem. This poem drew the attention of King Bhoja, who is a wonderful scholar. In his well-known work titled, he quotes this poem.

Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship!

  • “Kandabaranam Sarawsathi”
  • “Is she well and cheerful?” a good friend of the bereaved spouse replies to the enquiring lover.
  • “She is still alive.”
  • “I ask you, “Does she treat you nicely?”
  • “She lives,” I responded.
  • “You keep saying the same thing.”
  • “How can I say she’s dead when she’s still breathing?”
  • This is the case with his beloved spouse
Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship!
Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship!

The lovers consider their relationship.

They hugged each other in the bed room, which serves as their sports arena. Her breasts were pressed and her pores and skin were thrilled in the tight embrace. And then what happened?
The nighttime costume slipped between her fair thighs because the oil-smooth sap of love had overflowed. ‘Let me relax, my darling, not once more,’ she began whispering to her lover. “Don’t force me.” She begs very quietly. She sighs once more. “Is she asleep?” wondered the hero. Or will you perish? Or have you completely melted into my coronary heart? Or am I seeing all of these things in my dreams? Is she real?”
“Such are her thighs, her loins,” the hero laments about her beloved lover

Such are her breasts and her smile, such are her candy phrases, her waterlily eyes, her hair chignon, and such is her face, distilling drops of magnificence’s nectar.
Many times I sit in meditation as a result of a single function of my fawn-eyed love.”

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How do we depict a lovely lady?

“Her body is a pond, her face a lotus, and her arms lotus stems, her beauty the water, and her triple fold the wave,” says a Sanskrit poem.
Therein has fallen a strong young elephant, none other than my heart, but caught fast in love’s quicksand will never rise again.”

Yes, love is indeed a quicksand. And an actual relationship cannot withstand separation.
This is evident in our Sanskrit and Tamil literature.
There are hundreds of such poems that teach us about love, romance, and relationships!
Students such as Daniel H.H.Ingalls have chosen, compiled, and translated these poems in an effective manner.

Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship!

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Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship! image
Poetic Scenes from a Love Romance Relationship! image

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